Do you remember the song 867-5309??

Do you remember Tommy Tutone’s hit song, 867-5309/Jenny?

This was a huge hit in the early eighties, with the chorus repeating “867-5309” over and over (here’s the YouTube link to the song:

Anyway, turns out somebody actually called every single 867-5309 phone number in the states (somewhere between 200 and 300, by my count)… and… recorded every single response!

Here’s the link to this page (careful, there IS some colorful language here):

It got me thinking…

Isn’t it just amazing what people will waste their time on?!

Just think:

What if this person had used his time efficiently and called note holders instead?

He could have found several good prospects, maybe even closed a deal!

But instead he chose to waste his time on something that can’t improve his life and can’t make him money.

Look, I want to share something with you…

My real breakthrough in the note business didn’t come until I FORCED myself to work the business. I locked myself in a room (armed only with a phone, pen and paper) and called lead after lead after lead!

Did it pay off?

You bet it did!

It led to my first deal and I haven’t looked back since!

But here’s the thing…

I CHOSE to get started. I forced myself. Sure I could’ve spent my time chasing trivial pursuits… or making a million excuses… but I didn’t. I picked up the phone and made calls.

Now, how about you Jason ? Are YOU making things happen?

If you’re not, my bootcamp just might be the ticket you need.

Look, sometimes we all need a little motivation. A kick in the pants to get things started.

So if you want my team to motivate you and get you working on a real, live note deal in just 3 days, this is the perfect program for you.

You can get all the details by calling  800-581-2979 .

OK Jason , that’s it for today.

Talk to you soon!


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