You are about to take the first step to restore your credit and clear your good name.  We, at National Credit Counsel, take a hand on approach to helping you restore your credit.  Unlike other firms we will not pass you on to a customer service representative, you will have direct contact with our fine staff.We offer you a choice of affordable plans to help with your credit situation.  All plans are effective and, more importantly, work faster to help you achieve your goals.  Each plan has a small set up fee for consulting, reviewing, offering credit education, and all regular or general US Mail postage included with unlimited disputes and deletions with unparalled customer service.All of our plans include time tested effective methods using our legal strategies which have helped scores of people,just like you,clean up their credit.

The following information is a description of our Consumer Dispute procedures, in accordance with Section 611 of the FCRA.

We investigate the disputed information. Our procedure is to review the information within 5 days. If we determine that the item(s) of information are inaccurate or incomplete due to error we will provide you a corrected supplemental report not later than 20 days from today. If the item(s) of information are not inaccurate or incomplete as a result of error we will contact each national credit repository (Equifax, Experian, TransUnion) or other person(s) that provided the dispute with the information that is the subject of your dispute. They will complete the reinvestigation within 30 days from the day they received the notification of your dispute. Once completed, they will forward the results of the reinvestigation to us. We will then provide you with a NCC supplemental report that reflects the changes we made on the report based on the reinvestigation we received from the national credit repositories or other person(s). Please note that NCC is a reseller of credit information provided by the three repositories. We do not maintain a database from which new consumer reports are produced. Rather, each time we prepare a new consumer report, we order the information from one or more of the three repositories. Please be advised, that the investigation process may take up to 45 days from today. If you provide us with additional, relevant information prior to the time of completion of the investigation, the time period for investigation may be extended.